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Books about sports can become a nice profit center for retail stores that specialize in the equipment to play the game. All it takes is a bit of savvy combined with a dash of marketing know-how and a small investment in the books themselves.

If your store carries soccer gear as part of its overall mix of products or if it exclusively deals in products for the serious futbol players of all ages, you’ve come to the right place. Our book, “Soccer’s Story & A Futbol Fable,” is a natural tie-in with the ‘kit’ (as the English call it) needed to play the game. It offers both an easy-to-read history of the sport, the oldest team game played with a ball, as well as an exciting real-life adventure of how a bunch of mostly mexicanos and their muy anciano gringo coach bridged their cultural divide to play for an impossible championship.

It’s all a numbers game and these are the numbers working for you in the United States that make your small additional investment worthwhile and giving you the possibility of a nice return on your investment.. The American Youth Soccer Organization (A.Y.S.O) alone has more than 50,000 teams and 650,000 players as members of its organization. When you add club and comp teams, high schools, JCs, four-year college/university, and semi-professional adult players, your potential market more than doubles. If you aspire to the international market, a recent exhaustive survey taken by the sport’s governing body, Federation Internationale de Football (F.I.F.A.), claims that over 240 million play the game on an amateur level in more than 200 countries. They also tell us that it is also played on a professional level all over the world and millions of people regularly support their side in person while billions more watch on television.

All you need to get started is a small display of the volume that won the 11th Annual 2009 International Latino Book Award in the category ‘Best Young Adult Sports-English.’ If that display is positioned adjacent to where your customers pay for the soccer equipment they are buying, the book is a natural add-on sale. Train your cashiers to mention it to people buying soccer stuff and have them encourage the customers to pick up and take a look at the book.

Please call (619) 887-9288 if you need more information on how to increase your soccer related products sales volume without taking up a lot of your limited display space. We’ll be glad to help.

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