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GIL SPERRY is a modern day Renaissance man who delights in entertaining and informing audiences through both the spoken and the written word.

Gil Sperry has lectured internationally on subjects ranging from the pragmatic methods for dealing with our energy crisis to the esoterica of how to properly shoot free throws. His first book, “Mariachi for Gringos,” originally released in late 2006 and about to be printed in its Third Edition, is the basis for a reality television series currently under development. Presentations on ‘Mexico’s macho music’ have been given at colleges/universities, on-board cruise ships, at public libraries, on NPR, and at prestigious retail/book stores across the nation. He has emceed several major mariachi festivals in the United States and, as international interest in the genre has grown, recently been contacted about appearing at a mariachi festival in Japan.

His second book, “Soccer’s Story & A Futbol Fable,” released in 2009, is currently being adapted into a screenplay (“The Beautiful Game, A Beautiful Season”) by two veteran Hollywood screenwriters. It recently won The 11th Annual 2009 International Latino Book Award (in the category ‘Best Young Adult Sports/Recreation-English) at Book Expo America held at The Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

Sperry’s most recent creation is a fast-paced hour long presentation aimed at improving the literacy of elementary school children across the country; it is titled “How To Write A Book.” He describes it as “…a stealth attack to get kids to read by showing them the tools needed to publish and profit; they will take away everything that they need to know and need to do to get started, less than an hour after I get to meet them for the first time.”

His third book, “The Hispanic Heritage of The Foods We Eat,” is currently under construction.

Brief Bio: Gil Sperry lives with his wife, Priscilla, in Baja, where he enjoys the Mexican lifestyle, food, and music. He makes time to teach elementary school in Chula Vista, CA and is an avid sports enthusiast, fisherman, and jazz aficionado. He is a graduate of Ohio’s Kenyon College and also holds an M.A. in History from Stanford University; this background, coupled with his extensive musical training, provided him with the expertise he needed to write “Mariachi for Gringos.” His second book, “Soccer’s Story & A Futbol Fable,” combining the history of the world’s most popular sport with his magical season coaching the Valle Lindo soccer team to the 2007 championship game at the United States Olympic Training Center, was published in late 2008.

His diverse background, prior to his recent career as teacher/author/lecturer, included stints as co-founder of a publicly traded (NASDAQ) lighting company, Executive Producer of the television series, “Surf and Shore Fishing The World,” seen on both Outdoor Life Network and Fox Sports, and a head-to-head victory over Ted St. Martin, the Guinness Book of Record’s consecutive free throw champ.

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