All You Will Ever Need To Know About Soccer

About the Book


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This page is specifically for any person who might benefit from owning "Soccer's Story & A Futbol Fable."

This group would include:

*Any person who has ever played soccer

*Any person who has a friend or a relative who has ever played soccer

*Any person who has ever coached a soccer player or a soccer team

* Any person who identifies themselves as a soccer fan, whether the game they watched was in person or on television

*Any person who is interested in the history of the world's most popular sport

*Any person who is looking for a low cost, high value gift that will keep on giving pleasure to its recipient for years after its initial receipt

Any person who would like to read an award-winning book (the recipient of both The 11th Annual 2009 International Latino Book Award for the category "Best Young Adult Sports/Recreation-English AND The 2010 Latino Books into Movies Award in the category "Kids and Family") before it is made into a movie


If you fit any of the profiles above and would like to acquire a copy of "Soccer's Story & A Futbol Fable" for yourself...or several copies for members of your immediate or extended family, friends, fellow fans, or business associates...proceed to the BUY NOW box and follow the prompts.

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