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“Soccer’s Story & A Futbol Fable”

“Gil Sperry’s book is a highly enjoyable read. The history of soccer is presented in a fun manner that hopefully acts as a catalyst for enthusiasts of the world’s most popular game to immerse themselves in the sport’s humble beginnings. Certainly, Valle Lindo’s season had a humble start but their achievements are an inspiration to us all.”-Chris Brown, Head Men’s Soccer Coach, 2007 NCAC Champion Kenyon College, Gambier, OH

“You call it Soccer or Futbol. In Italy, we formally call it Calcio (Kick) and informally Pallone (Big Ball). It is the most popular game in the world but very little has been written about its history. This book is timely, cleverly presented, and is a joy to read. It should become a best seller.”
-Severino D’Angelo, CEO, RealTime Instruments, Laguna Beach. CA

“As a former Hawaii youth soccer coach for some 15 teams, I thoroughly enjoyed Gil Sperry’s unique and successful strategy for building his winning team. Sperry’s first-person narrative, coupled with his historical perspectives on ‘the beautiful game,’ makes it required reading for soccer fans, players, and coaches.”
-Les Enderton, Executive Director. Oahu Visitors Bureau, Honolulu, HI

“This book offers valuable insights into what really happens in the day-to-day life of soccer players at all levels. The author clearly gives you what you need to relate to the beautiful game, our game, the world’s game. It is a must read.”
-Denis Vargas, Director of Referees, Chula Vista Elementary School Interscholastic Soccer League, Juarez-Lincoln Elementary School,
Chula Vista, CA

“While this book can be read as an extraordinary ‘primer’ on ‘the beautiful game,’ I enjoyed it from the perspective of my life’s work. Having counseled with troubled youth for many years, I have seen the changes wrought by sport’s experiences when taught by a passionate and dedicated mentor like the author. I only wish that the Gil Sperry’s of the world would remain in the heart of our urban communities.”
-Armando Ramos, Retired Peace Officer, Ventura/Santa Barbara (CA) Counties, Medio Camino, MX

“ A good book for someone like me who isn’t the biggest sports fan…a pure, clean message sure to enjoyed by everyone…sweet, innocent, and perfectly enjoyable for all who care to read it.”-Madison Shea Callihan, International Baccalaureate Honor Student, La Quinta High School, Indio. CA

“As an educator for over 30 years, I am impressed with the way Gil Sperry cleverly crafts soccer’s story and combines it with the fast-paced, first-person narrative of his teams’ adventure. In addition, the instructional value of the book must not be overlooked. The quiz format guides the reader through the history of the game, simultaneously instructing and entertaining. The life lessons taught in his young charges ‘coming of age’ chronicle are equally important. If you’ve ever played soccer or are a parent or grandparent of soccer youth as I am, then this is a must read.” –Beverley E. Crane, Ed.d, Author of Teaching with the Internet; Internet Workshops: 10 Ready-To-Go Workshops for K-12 Educators,; and Using Web 2.0
Tools In The K-12 Classroom, Santa Fe, NM

“ A great read! A lesson in values from a by-gone era instilled
into the new youth of today who seem to be missing this central core resource.” –Paul Romano, President, Paul Romano and Associates, Marina del Rey, CA

“The one constant that unites the culturally diverse children in the impoverished villages I visit in Kenya, Nepal, Bolivia, Guatemala, Vietnam, and Mexico is soccer. It is truly the world’s sport. Soccer makes no distinction as to someone’s social or economic status. This book points out the invaluable
lessons of discipline, integrity, accountability, and team play that this game can teach to anyone who becomes part of it.”
-Roy Jespersen, CHOICE Humanitarian, Salt Lake City, UT

“What’s really remarkable is that this book draws on part of the author’s life as a coach and confidant for the overlooked and, most often, distressed children. Sperry’s language has a simplicity and directness that creates an immediate rapport with anyone who works with our youth. Moreover, it is an encouraging memoir that uniquely binds the vignettes together with a refreshing momentum so that the result is something more: a beacon!” –Ricardo Simenthal, Creator/Lead Guide, Inner City Mountaineering/Streets2Summits, Stockton, CA

“Truth is the preeminent force in sport. From a gymnast’s navigation of the four-inch beam to a swimmer’s seamless turn in the pool, the reality of precision is what dictates success. In Gil Sperry’s classic book, the truth is what is transmitted directly from the coach who must lead with the reality of precision. Thank goodness leadership can be found in men and women of character who use their experience for truth and justice and not power and position.”-Theodore Bennett,
former University of The Pacific Soccer All-American and retired U.S.S.F National Referee, currently English Teacher at Ka’u High School and proprietor of Bennett’s Organic White Pineapple Farm & Nursery, Waiohinu, HI

“I’d give it a shot. Good luck with the new book.”
-Doctor Lowell Billings, Superintendent of Schools, Chula Vista Elementary School District, Chula Vista, CA

“Sperry’s writing style will keep you laughing, smiling, and remembering your own stories growing up playing soccer. Sports brings families together and crosses every racial, ethnic, gender, and cultural bias in our great country. This book will revive our senses as to what it felt like to run the field, be part of a team, and achieve a common goal. I heartily endorse this book.”-Joan Bonvicini, Women’s Basketball Coach at Seattle University, member of five different Hall’s of Fame and all-time winningest Women’s Basketball Coach at both Long Beach State in Long Beach, CA and University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ

“This book was a delightful journey through the paradise of what youth soccer should always be: a triumph of the heart and mind, the way it was when I played AYSO in my formative years. A must read for anyone who has played or coached the beautiful game of soccer at any level. I loved this book.”-Dr. Erick Mafong, M.D., The Dermatology Cener, San Diego, CA

“ ‘Soccer’s Story & A Futbol Fable’ begins with a fascinating history of the origins of soccer and magically transforms into a touching tale of a seventy year old man’s love affair with the game and how he turned his band of misfit elementary school players into inspired warriors taking the field to play for the regional championship. I turned the last page believing there is a hero in all of us.”-Jamie Moses, Publisher, ArtVoice, Buffalo, NY

“Although a soccer or futbol story, Gil Sperry captures the true passion engrained in all athletes. It is that determination and drive hidden within us all that pushes us to succeed in the face of adversity. As a life-long hockey player and son to a coach, I enjoyed relating to Gil’s journey working to unlock that spirit within his young players that transformed them into a winning team.”-Adam Long, President, Worldlink Network, Inc., Williamsville, NY

“This book made learning the history of the sport easy and fun. The story of the team’s amazing season was very inspirational. I think all middle school students would like it as much as I did.”-Allie Barnum, winner of her school’s 2007 Good Sportsmanship Award, Parris Middle School, Redondo Beach, CA

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